About Us

About GAMA

The Galactosemia Association of Midwest America (GAMA) is a non-profit organization [501 (c)(3)] serving families affected by galactosemia in the Midwest region of the United States.  GAMA was formed by a small group of parents in Illinois who are passionate about supporting and educating families affected by Galactosemia, as well as, by a strong desire to further research about this rare disease.

GAMA organizes fundraisers yearly to support various research projects and scholarships.  GAMA also holds socials throughout the year to keep families connected and financially supports educational programs for midwest families.

GAMA President                  Denise Wilburn acredwilburn@gmail.com

GAMA Vice President         Robyn Meek  robynmeek07@gmail.com

GAMA Secretary                  Gioia Lauro-Geruso glauroge@gmail.com

GAMA Treasurer                    Brent Sayers  brent.sayers@gmail.com

GAMA Board Member 1      Sue Golz  smpmgolz@yahoo.com

GAMA Board Member 2          Nish Rao  nishkala.rao@gmail.com