How to Fundraise

How to Fundraise

Welcome to the Galactosemia Foundation Fundraising Page. Our goal is to encourage you to financially support the education and research of galactosemia. We want to provide you with some ideas and “how-tos” to plan your next (or first) fundraising event!


The Galactosemia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means money donated to the foundation is tax deductible for individuals and businesses. Most people or businesses want to know if the money from your event is going to a non-profit organization. The answer is YES.


The Galactosemia Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting and educating families affected by galactosemia. The Foundation also supports professionals researching and treating this rare disease. The Foundation is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who organize conferences every other year, publish 2 newsletters a year, and keep in close contact with medical professionals. However, as with anything, it costs money to keep the Foundation active and successful. Here is a look at what it costs to run the Galactosemia Foundation:

Newsletters (printing, mailing)
$4000 per year
$200,000 per conference
Research (projects can range from small to large)
$5,000 and up
Website and other media
Currently donated

The foundation sells t-shirts, jewelry and other items to pay for some of our tasks. There is also a registration fee for the conference. However, this fee does not come close to covering the expense of the conference and the foundation feels strongly about keeping the cost as low as possible so all families can participate.

In the past few years the Galactosemia Foundation established a research fund. People may choose to donate directly to this fund. The Research Team and the Galactosemia Foundation Board seek out research proposals from the medical community and choose projects that will further our knowledge about galactosemia. These projects are then funded through the research account and the medical professionals report back to the foundation with their findings. This is the GRASS ROOTS way of funding research and a very important step in expanding knowledge about galactosemia and possible treatments.