Rylan Gelb Memorial Scholarship

GAMA is pleased to announce a new scholarship fund to financially assist families with conference or evaluation expenses. The Galactosemia Foundation organizes a conference every other year in various locations around the US. GAMA would like to help families pay for conference registration and offset travel expenses. The goal is to help families become more educated and make lifelong connections with other families. The second goal of this memorial scholarship is to financially assist families to be evaluated by a medical professional specializing in galactosemia. There are a few specialist around the country that have more experience in the treatment of galactosemia than others. It can be very costly to get to one of these institutions. GAMA would like to help families by offsetting their travel and direct care expenses. Application requirements: Interested parties must complete a scholarship application. Applications will be reviewed by GAMA officers on an as-needed basis. Applicant names and details will be kept confidential. Preference will be given to families residing in IL and the Midwest, but is open to everyone!


If you would like to DONATE to the Rylan Gelb Scholarship, please use the “DONATE” or “Pay NOW” button at the bottom of this page.  Thank you for supporting families affected by Galactosemia!