Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

How should I go about informing my child’s educational team

(or daycare provider) about Galactosemia?

Each family situation is different and families will each take their own unique approach.

Here are some suggestions:

  • educate the team about Galactosemia
  • share information about your child

Depending on your situation, you may want to ask for a short meeting (prior to the start of school)  with your child’s teacher, principal, and school nurse to discuss Galactosemia & and answer questions. Some parents may choose to make a handout that can be shared with appropriate staff. Here’s an example:

Sample Letter

The following links below are excellent materials for parents to give to teachers

(or for teachers who would like to learn more about Galactosemia):

This link is to an Educator’s Guide developed by Dr. Susan Waisbren (Boston Children’s Hospital)


This is a link to the Texas Department of State Health Services.  It includes good information for teachers


This website is another great resource for educators that highlights the basics of Galactosemia:


This powerpoint discusses how to handle specialty diets within the school setting:

Meeting Food & Nutrition Needs in the school setting

Handout regarding Galactosemia in the school setting:


Tips from parents on educating others (in the school/daycare setting) on Galactosemia: 

  • “if my sitter comes across something she is not sure of, often she will text me a picture of the ingredients so that I can quickly check it to make sure it is safe”
  • “I usually leave  a set of safe treats with my child’s teacher to have on hand in case there is an unexpected birthday treat or reward”

Parent Resources for 504 plans and Individual Education Plans (IEPs):