Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas


 Everyone we talk to who has organized a fundraiser in the past says the same thing, “DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE.”  Think about your hobbies and talents for inspiration.  Do you like to cook, bake, run, fish, woodwork, or read?  You can turn anyone of these hobbies into a fundraiser.  Do you love music?  Do you have a talent like making crafts, cutting hair or fixing engines?  Are you the best babysitter in town?  Do you love eating candy?  Someone has turned every one of these hobbies/talents into fundraisers and you can, too!  Here are some ideas to get you started.

 “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”  -Edmund Burke


Fishing derby

Running race

Lemonade Stand


Send out a simple letter to friends and family once a year asking for a donation


Set up a Face Book page with a link to the GF donation page

Spaghetti/Chili/Pizza dinner

Karaoke contest

Ice cream social

Cooking/Baking contest

Classic movie night

Warrior Dash

Movie in the park

Corn Hole/Bags contest

Ask a friend with a talent to donate it for a day

Costume Party


Bike race



Four wheeler race


Sell your homemade craft

Have a bake sale

Poker run


Casino night

Fashion show

Silent auction

Live auction

Raffle off a donated item

Split the pot

Basketball contest

Hockey game

Baseball contest

Golf outing

Putting contest

Obstacle course race

Backyard party (you provide food, guests bring donation instead of a dish)

Have a home party and donate proceeds (jewelry, cooking supplies, etc.)

Make cookbook of your family recipes and sell it

Partner with your local sports team to sell seats to a game, giving a portion to PGC

Ask local businesses if they partner with non-profits (Jewel has certain shopping days they will

donate to your non-profit)

Sell your special baked goods for Valentine’s Day and deliver them to recipients

Buy bulk candy bars and sell them

Donate a weekend of your talent for donations (fix cars for the weekend in return for donations)

Designate a month of weekend babysitting to PGC (for example, the month of June ask your

clients to pay PGC for your babysitting services, instead of you)

Sponsor a “cut-a-thon” – haircuts for donations

One family shared they took out a small life insurance policy and named GF the beneficiary…that’s creative!

One family donated the $ the would use on center pieces at their wedding.  Instead there was a small sign explaining they $ was donated to GF and asking others to donate as well!